How To Get An MLA Format Research Paper Example

MLA ( Modern Language Association) format is the most common style used to cites sources that you used while completing papers in humanities and the liberal arts. It is likely the easiest format that a professor can assign to their students. It has a few more rules than other popular styles, such as APA, but they are simple to understand. When you are looking to find research paper samples that have been done in this format, it is helpful if you are somewhat familiar with it first.

Sections included for MLA research papers (section headings are NOT required)

  • A title page
  • The introduction
  • Citations page

Any other section headings should break your paper down into logical segments and can be named whatever you choose to name them.

Formatting rules

  • A legible typeface must be used for the text. Times New Roman is the most common choice. Font size is always 12 points.
  • Contrasting words are done in italics should be obvious.
  • The entire paper should be double-spaced.
  • Margins are set to one inch on all sides.
  • A one inch indent must be in the first line of each paragraph.
  • Text must be aligned to the left margin.

There are many more rules that you will need to know but these give you the basics. When it comes to citing your sources, in-text citations can be done either as a block citation, or with an in-line citation.

Where to find a sample

The easiest way to find a sample of a research paper which has been done in the MLA format is to begin with a general search. Try inputting "sample MLA research paper". This will give you tons of example to look through. To make the results more relevant to your work you will need to narrow it down. Assume that your research is related to the problem of homelessness. Simply use the search term "homelessness research papers in MLA format". Don't just browse quickly through the first example that you find. Pull up several and see what similarities that they have. Follow the format that they have used consistently throughout your own paper.

Another place to look is on a website relating to studies of the liberal arts or humanities. They constantly feature new papers that have been written, or new research that is groundbreaking, and they will of course be in the MLA format. Here again, check several to make sure that you are not missing anything of importance.

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