How To Avoid Plagiarism Using Free Term Papers Online

When using a paper from the Internet, one of the main concerns is plagiarism. If the student can find a research paper online, then their professor can probably find it as well. The following steps are intended to protect students from plagiarism charges. If these steps are carefully followed, the student will not have to worry about getting caught.


Even with a normal paper, students still have to worry about citing their sources correctly. To do this, students should look up the citation guidelines for each writing style. If the sources are not cited properly, it is technically considered a type of plagiarism. Likewise, students should be careful when quoting their sources. When a sentence is put into quotations, it should be used exactly as it is listed in the source. In addition, longer quotes should be limited to a maximum of 40 words. Although a properly cited quotation is never actually plagiarism, block quotes are generally frowned on by professors.

Paraphrase Carefully

If the essay was found online, students have to be extremely careful about turning it in. In general, students will need to paraphrase every sentence in the document. The student may want to switch up the order of the argument and should find different quotes to support their point. Likewise, each sentence should be modified so that the words are no longer in the same order.

Use Plagiarism Software

The Internet makes it extremely easy to look for plagiarism. Although this helps out teachers, it can actually help students out as well. Once the essay has been paraphrased and edited, students can put it into a plagiarism detection program. This will allow the student to see exactly what a professor would see. If the paper does not appear to be plagiarized according to the software, the student is safe.

Search Individual Sentences

As an extra precaution, students can always try looking for individual sentences in the document. Although this takes extra time, it could end up turning up a search result that a regular plagiarism detection program will not find. Students can select a short sentence from each paragraph and see if anything turns up.

If the student is worried about plagiarism, they should consider buying a customized essay. Since these papers are original, they will never appear in a plagiarism check. They cost a bit more money, but the added security could be worth it to the student.

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