7 Things You Should Know About The Parts Of A Research Paper

When writing a research paper for your school or college, you will often have several questions in your mind. Sometimes you will have enough ideas and experience to compose an effective paper while others may need guidance from experts in this field. When you sit down to write such an assignment and not sure how to move forward, you should get help from a senior or go to this site. The important thing to remember about your assignment is that it will follow an hourglass structure. You will begin with general information about the subject by performing your literature review, and then narrow it down in your hypothesis or research problem. Finally, when you are half way through the paper, you will see its application and larger significance of your work. This is how you follow an hourglass structure in your paper.

If you have never worked with such an assignment then you should consider the following instructions. Each of them explains one part of the assignment and will help you in choosing and creating the right sections in your assignment

  1. Abstract

  2. The abstract is like a mini version of your paper. It is different from the introduction because introduction does not talk about the conclusion and only gives an idea about the beginning of the work. The abstract on the other hand is a complete summary of your work that talks about the entire work in a brief manner. It is not longer than 250 words in most cases so you have to make sure you keep it precise and relevant

  3. Introduction

  4. The introduction is the opening of your paper where you present your ideas to the audience and give them an idea about what they will find out in the rest of your paper. You can include a hook and a thesis statement in your introduction

  5. Method

  6. The method is the research methodology you will use to gather and analyze your data for your work. It may also include the experiments

  7. Results

  8. The result section presents the final data you gather from the experiments and research in a precise and clear manner

  9. Discussion

  10. This is where you discuss the results of your work and show their application by interpreting them in your own words

  11. Conclusion

  12. Should be self-evident

  13. Citation

  14. This is also known as reference list where you cite all the sources you have used in your paper

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