Useful Tips On How To Make References In A Research Paper In The Harvard Style

By now you probably know that referencing is important to the academic community because it’s a way to show where ideas, quotes, and facts used in a work originated from and, basically, where they can be found. It’s important to learn proper referencing methods to avoid accusations of plagiarism – a very serious academic and professional crime that can get you expelled. Referencing also adds a sense of validity to your work, showing that you have been successful in your research to find material that supports your original thesis.

One of the more widely used reference styles for research papers is known as the Harvard style. Here are some useful tips on how to use it accurately:

Things you should reference:

All of the content you include in your research paper needs to be acknowledged and attributed. What isn’t referenced is assumed to be your own work; but the content you do borrow needs to be attributed to its original source.

In-text citations and bibliography:

Harvard style is known as an author – date system. In-text citations should include the author and date of publication in parenthesis. Your bibliography should include a complete list of all citations used in your work, including all publication information for verification or researching purposes.

Books and multiple authors:

In the bibliography, you want to list a citation starting with the author’s last name then initials. Next you provide the publication information, including the edition, the place of publication, and the publisher. When there are multiple authors you list all the authors in alphabetical order before you list the publication information.

Books and editors:

In the bibliography, this follows the same format for authors. You start with the first editor’s last name and initials then you move on to provide additional editors or go straight into providing complete publication information. If it’s part of series provide that information as well.

Corporate or group authors:

When you cite material taken from a resource written by a corporation, government, etc. or any other type of group authors, list the organization name followed by the publication information. In the bibliography this will be listed amongst authors names following alphabetical order.

Journal articles:

Lastly, journal articles are listed first by the author’s name, the title of the article, then the journal. List the publication information including volume number and issue number. A year and date of publication is also required.

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