Choosing A Proper Title Page Format For A Term Paper

Just how do you choose a proper title page format for a term paper? That is the conundrum that has been bugging students for as long as I can remember, and to be fair, is one that has set staff rooms across the country alight too! There are so many different theories. So many different routes that you can take down, that breaking it down can seem like an absolute nightmare. However, luckily I have put together some tried and tested methods to help you on your way. Simply read on!

I personally favour the APA and the MLA formats. However, there are several others that you might want to consider:

Does your school have a precedent?

A lot of schools and colleges have a preferred format that they like their students to use. In fact, it is highly unlikely that you will just be asked randomly to choose a format. Especially when you are first starting out. So, on the off-chance that your professor does go and throw this curveball into the mix be sure to ask the question that most of your classmates will be afraid to ask, namely “Do you have a preferred format?”

Understanding the differences

The differences between formats for your title page can often be incredibly subtle and many students have been known to ask “Does it really matter?” Well, unfortunately yes, the world of academia is incredibly pedantic and at times reassuringly archaic, so yes, it does matter which one you pick.

An MLA title page will almost certainly have the following:

  • Letters will be centred and the entire page will be in double spacing.

  • The name of the academic institution will feature

The APA format usually consists of the following:

  • Title will be in the centre and halfway down the page

  • Your personal details will feature at the bottom of the page

Asking you to choose a format is akin to asking you to choose a carrot over a turnip. They are both root vegetables, or in this case formats that you can use when writing a term paper. However, as with most things in a life a decision is ultimately required and which side of the fence you choose to come down on is entirely up to you.

The tone of the piece

The tone of your work can often be a deciding factor when coming up with the most appropriate format. So, it is always wise to bear this in mind.

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