Tips On How To Write A Good Introduction For A Research Paper

Research papers are a common type of assignment in high school, college and university. You need to be able to write one well if you want to have an overall good grade and excel in your classes. Make sure you know how to write one, and then you will be able to practice doing it. As with most school work, a research project needs a solid introduction. This is the part of the essay that will bring the reader’s interest to your topic and explain the reasons for writing this assignment in the first place.

Introductions for research projects

Here are some good ideas for writing an introduction:

  • Start with what you know about the topic. Is there a poignant statement or interesting question you can ask to make people think? Put that first.

  • Next you should explain briefly the broad subject area

  • Use one sentence to state the opposing point of view

  • Use the next sentence to state your point of view (sometimes including a thesis statement or research question)

Then you need a smooth transition sentence into your first body paragraph. Depending on the topic assigned or the topic you chose, this can be related to the first statement or to your thesis statement. Either one of those is a good choice as long as it fits the tone of the rest of the assignment.

Research paper writing tips

The introduction is only part of this project, and while it does come first, I’d actually advise you to write it last. There’s a good reason for this suggestion. When writing your body paragraphs, you are deeply thinking about and organizing the facts you have gathered. Then, in the conclusion, you are summarizing everything you just wrote. After doing all that, you are in a better position to pull back and introduce the beginning of the overall topic. You will be able to do a kind of reverse version of your conclusion summary and put it at the beginning.

That is why I like doing the introduction last—you’ve already set up the framework for the rest of the project, and then can cap it with your research question and a hooking introduction to get reader attention. It also gives you more time to think about what to say and not worry about just starting. Writing the introduction last can help stave off procrastination as well.

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