Creating An Amazing Research Paper Title: Tips For Newbies

As a student, you already know that the titles of research papers go a long way to determine the content of such papers. As a newbie, you might think that coming up with the title for your paper will take just a snap of your fingers but it is not true. In order to come up with titles, you should give serious thought to what would make a good title for your academic work. It would help you further if you search through academic databases and other resources to look up viable titles and choose the one that would better suit your project. In choosing your title, you should have it at the back of your mind that such title should, among other things, give your target readers hints on what your paper is about.

This brings up back to the fact that the chosen title for your research work determines how interested people will be in reading your paper. Listed below are tips that would help you choose titles for your academic works. They are as follows:

  • It Should Be Short: Unnecessarily long titles usually put people off. It tends to give the impression that you don’t know how to choose your words and as such, reading through your work would turn out to be a boring activity. For this reason, go for short and simpler titles for your academic papers.

  • Make It Attractive: You remember what they say about how you present your food? The same thing applies to the title of your research work. The title should be such that would attract your target readers to open the work and read through it. Searching through the internet would give you ideas on creating attractive titles for your papers.

  • It Should Be Clear: Your target readers should not be reaching out for their dictionaries in order to make out what you are trying to say in the title of your paper. Write it in clear and easier to understand English.

  • Incorporate Descriptive Words: When people are searching for a particular type of writing, there are certain key words they enter into the search engines. In writing the title for your research work, make sure you include descriptive words that easily tell your readers that they have the right project they are looking for.

  • Avoid Use Of Unknown Abbreviations: Apart from known abbreviations like FBI and HIV, avoid the use of abbreviations that would not make any meaning to your target readers immediately. This also includes the use of jargon in the title of your academic paper.

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