Where To Go Looking For A Good Research Paper Introduction Sample In The MLA Style

The Modern Language Association is responsible for gifting the academic world with a unique format for organizing scholastic documents known as MLA. This style has become quite widely used and probably only second in popularity to the APA. Still, if you are pursuing studies in any of the humanities, chances are you have encountered its rules more than once and may even be familiar with them.

Still, in academia it is better to err on the side of caution. Have you resumed studies after a long absence? Are you a continuous student who may be lost when it comes to formatting? In either of those cases and several others that haven’t been mentioned, it helps to refer to samples. Here are some of the first sources you should check when you want to see an example of a well formatted introduction.

Scholarly Journals

There are many types of publications that produce the type of work you might be trying to replicate. They may cost money to access but you will definitely get the full value of whatever you spend. Consider seeking them out online. Even if you cannot get to see the full text for free and are unwilling to pay the fee, there may be snippets available. Most often these are the first few pages which is where the section you are interested in can be found.

Fellow students

Even when you have difficulty with a particular type of writing, chances are high that someone else you know could write it in their sleep. Ask around, especially to the gifted students and you may find one who either has a stash of great educational resources or has created a wonderful paper in the past that you can use for reference. They may be even more likely to help once they find out all you need to see is the intro.


People who teach tend to amass the best stash of resources of all. Ask as many professors, teachers or tutors as you can. At least one of them should have the type of example that would be most useful to you. Some may refuse to let their resources out of their sight, so prepare to make great notes in case they will be all you can refer to later.

As wit any format, the rules become simpler to obey with practice.

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