Helpful Suggestions On How To Write An Economics Research Paper For College

The study of economics can be challenging. It can focus on many areas under the two headings of macro and micro econ. The different variable plays a large part in the subject. As you search to write a great paper on economics, look at our helpful suggestions.

Helpful Suggestions

  • There are two formats of papers in the subject. There are theoretical papers, which start with a model piece based on certain criteria, and then you predict the possible results or outcomes. The other style is the empirical paper, which will process data through a sample model.

  • The paper will have an introduction, main point paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  • The introduction paragraph is a bit different in this field. It needs to form your research territory, then you identify and establish a gap in an area, and lastly you state the reasoning for your research on this niche.

  • There should be a literature review within this paper. This part will describe the used studies on your subject that relate to your particular propose study.

  • Your research paper will have some statistics and data. That section will only exist in the empirical papers. Make sure to state the source for these statistics, describe that particular source, explain why you picked the source, and then identify any outside variables, which may affect your data.

  • You should have a methodology sector, which will identify your method, explain it, explain why you’re using that particular method, and state any possible caveats that might exist.

  • Lastly your results section will be composed. You have to identify your results that answer your stated research question. If anything odd or unusual happened in the study, this is where you will mention it.

  • Your conclusion should not introduce any new material. It needs to firmly close the door on the subject. Restate your thesis in this section. Indicate if there is indeed further research on the subjects, and always state any result implications.

  • You will have a reference page, which includes all of your sources.

  • These papers do not usually rely upon quotes, they can be in first person, make sure to proof read the paper, always cite all of your sources, and always follow all of the teacher’s instructions.

  • Use our very helpful suggestions on how you should write an economics research paper for your college class.

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