Nine Successful Term Paper Topics On Science And Technology

The field of science and technology is not static; it is ever-expanding and ever-changing to keep up with new advances in technology and new discoveries in science. The key to creating an ideal term paper topic is to take a general idea and then find your own unique angle to focus into a narrow niche within that general topic.

The following 9 topics are general ideas you can use to explore a narrower focus. Some of the strategies effective for doing so are brainstorming, research and reading other papers within the same topic.

  1. The causes and effects of acid rain. Have past predictions held true? Why or why not? Are countries doing sufficient amounts of effort to delay the onset of acid rain? Explore a specific country or industry.
  2. What are the consequences of increased computer use by the general public? What about a specific demographic? Are some cultures more prone to spending too much time in front of a computer on a daily basis vs. getting enough physical exercise?
  3. What is the impact of discarded cellphones and cell phone batteries on the environment? What can be done about this problem?
  4. Discuss cloud computing and cloud storage. What does the future hold? Is this a viable alternative to using hardware for long-term storage of files?
  5. Are there holes in internet encryption security? What does the future hold for this technology? What direction is this industry headed?
  6. Discuss ultra-efficient, emerging new modes of transportation? What is the timeline for hover vehicles? What other technology is on the horizon in this field?
  7. Discuss advances in the field of theoretical neuroscience in the past few years. What are the implications?
  8. What data supports the onset of global warming? What measures should be taken that aren’t? Are countries willing to make the financial commitment to saving the earth from a potentially disastrous warming trend?
  9. Discuss recent advances in the successful treatments of some disease. With heart disease and cancer being the leading killers in most countries and the amount they spend on research annually, has there been a corresponding increase in treatment success rates? Will a cure ever be found or would a cure be stifled because it could potentially topple the financial empires of the pharmaceutical giants?

These successful topic ideas are a good starting point to get you thinking about what kind of specific topic would be of most interest to you.

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