9 Exciting Research Paper Topics In Physics For College Students

Physics is a vast and constantly expanding field of study. As such, it can be a daunting task to think of new and interesting topics to write about when starting essays, dissertations, theses or research papers. However, since it is such an incredibly big area of learning, there are plenty of unexplored avenues for research and writing. Listed below are 9 of the most exciting research paper topics still unexplored.

  1. Investigate the physics of tsunamis.
  2. Tsunamis have become an extremely interesting area of study following the recent tragedies in Japan. Investigating what actually happens and describing it is a fruitful area of study.

  3. Compare the use of hydraulics today, and those investigated and theorised by ancient thinkers.
  4. Ancient Greek philosophers were already thinking about hydraulics, its uses and how it works. They laid down a lot of the groundwork for our modern day hydraulics. But there were also a lot of differences in thought and theory. Investigating these is an interesting area of the history of physics and its development.

  5. Determine the cause of friction and analyse its effects.
  6. Friction is a well-known phenomenon, but one that still has plenty of scope for the new-comer into the world of research.

  7. Explain how electric cars work.
  8. Electric cars would help us cut down our carbon emissions, and so working out exactly how they work and how to make them work even more efficiently is essential for the survival of the human race.

  9. What is a black hole?
  10. This one is a vast topic, and one that is still being tackled by the very best thinkers of our time. There is so much we do not know about black holes that there is still plenty of research to be done on them.

  11. What is the Higgs Particle?
  12. This is a very current subject and offers a lot of opportunities for young researchers to offer their voice to the world of physics.

  13. Describe and analyse the physics of amusement parks.

    This is a fun topic about real life experiences that many of us share. Why do we not fall out when the rollercoaster goes upside-down?

  14. Physics in medicine.
  15. Medicine is not limited to just biology and chemistry. In this essay, you can investigate the other side of medicine.

  16. How does nuclear power work? How can it be made more efficient?
  17. We rely on nuclear power for so much of our energy. Working out how to make it more efficient would be of benefit to the entire world.

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