A List of Political Science Research Paper Topic Ideas to Consider

When faced with the prospect of a new research paper, students do not have to feel overwhelmed. Using a few simple steps, students can begin writing their political science paper and complete it in record time. Since thinking of a thesis topic is one of the most difficult parts of writing this paper style, students should begin with brainstorming a thesis. The following topic ideas will help students to get started.

Political Science Topic Ideas

  1. The History Behind the Modern Democrat and Republican Parties
  2. Lobbyists and Political Action Committees: Democratic institutions or Legalized Bribery?
  3. Oratory, History and Town Hall Style Debates
  4. Should Politicians Major in Political Science?
  5. Political Maneuvering Behind the Affordable Care Act
  6. The Struggle of Tax Reform
  7. Interventionist Versus Isolationist Times in American History
  8. The Founding Fathers' Intent in Creating the Electoral College
  9. The War on Terrorism and World Politics
  10. Military Coups in South America
  11. Political Psychology
  12. The Ethnic Conflict of Rwanda
  13. Principal-Agent Theory
  14. Torches of Freedom and First Wave Feminism
  15. Comparison of Soviet Communism to Marxism
  16. Staussians
  17. The Creation of Neoinstitutionalism
  18. What Is Structural Functionalism?
  19. Political Development in the Industrial Age
  20. Environmental Politics and Green Initiatives
  21. Federalism, Confederalism and the Unitary Systems
  22. The Rise of ISIS in the Middle East
  23. Social Movements of the 20th Century: the Suffragettes
  24. Politics and resource Scarcity
  25. Religion and Politics in the Republican Party
  26. Realism and Neorealism
  27. Models of Democracy
  28. Civil Wars
  29. International Law and Courts
  30. Comparison of Different Legal Systems
  31. Life Under Communism: First-Hand Case Studies
  32. The Romanian Revolution and the Impact of Abortion on Crime
  33. The History Behind International Relations
  34. Does Spending on Advertisements Equate to More Votes in a Presidential Election?
  35. The Power of Big Money in Swinging Elections
  36. That “Chad” Problem: Repercussions a Decade Later
  37. Foreign Policy Analysis
  38. Balance of World Power: the Twentieth Century to the Present
  39. Dollar Diplomacy and Economic Sanctions: Are They Effective Techniques for Swaying the Balance of Power?
  40. Affirmative Action

Political science is a broad discipline that encompasses a wide range of topic ideas. If students do not find a topic that they like on this list, they can always ask their professor for advice. They should also read the writing prompt handed out in class. Often, the prompt will have specific requirements or topic ideas for the research paper. If the writing prompt does not require a specific topic, students can use one of the previous ideas. They can also modify one of the topics to make it into a completely original thesis for their paper.

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