Coming Up With Catchy Environmental Term Paper Ideas

One of the larger papers that you will be asked to write is a term paper. It is designed as a large research paper in which you answer a question about your topic. The thesis statement for this paper will be the answer to your question and then you will use your body paragraphs to explain the reasons that support your answer. The term “term paper” comes from the fact that most teachers will give you the entire term to work on the paper. It is usually worth a large chunk of your grade.

You will need to make sure that you choose a really good topic to write about. You have to choose one that has enough information on it to write a paper of this size. You also will have a resource count that you will have to meet so you should keep that in mind when you are choosing a topic. Make sure you also choose a topic that is relevant to your topic and one that is interesting to you since you will be spending so much time on this paper. You want to make sure that the materials won’t put you to sleep.

Check out these ideas for your paper:

  1. How has the Great Lakes been effected by coal burning power plants?
  2. What is the current status of solar powered energy in (your state)?
  3. Can plants and trees be genetically altered to grow faster?
  4. The effects of global warming on our environment.
  5. The effects of chemical fertilizers on our farming grounds?
  6. What is the status of wind generated energy sources in (your state)?
  7. What measures can be taken to get more people to recycle?
  8. How does a contaminated lake get cleaned up?
  9. What are the long term effects of overpopulation on future resources?
  10. What are the pesticides in our foods doing to our health?

These ideas should get you thinking about some topics that you may want to write about. Once you have your topic decided, you should work on an outline. It will ensure that you organize your ideas properly and help you make sure that you are concentrating on proving your thesis. Identify your main supporting points to be the topic sentences for our body paragraphs. Don’t procrastinate because this type of paper takes time to write.

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