Writing A Research Paper Acknowledgement In The MLA Format

You have finished a huge paper, and now you want to thank those who helped you complete this difficult job. You will want to compose an Acknowledgment in the MLA form for your research paper. Just follow our tips for some easy to use advice:

  • Where -this piece of your paper will be inserted after your MLA style appendix. If your appendix is several pages long just place it after the final one. It will have a title centered on the page, which will read “Acknowledgments”. It is optional, so if you did all the work yourself with no interviews or academic guidance, you should not feel like you have to add one of these.
  • How -you can construct this in two different ways. You can do a blanket thank-you and then list al of your recipients. This is less informal, but it is also easier to do. List the names from highest level of help professionally and academically to your family member being last. There is a hierarchy with the piece. Or the second way to create one, which will take longer, is a person-by-person acknowledgment of those who aided you. It is more personal, longer in length, and takes longer to do. Follow the same hierarchy order mentioned with style one.
  • Formal or Semi-Formal -you can be less formal if you want to do so with your family and friends. You, however, must use a professional mode of decorum for addressing and thanking your academic and your professional help.
  • Ask for Permission -you should ask for permission from your school to do this, as not all schools allow it. You do not wish to break your university’s rules. And you should also get the go-ahead from the people you are listing. Sometimes when an acknowledgment mentions a celebrity in a field, that person then gets hammered with requests for similar assistance. So, ask the school and the people on your list for permission to include them.

As you finalize your paper, and prepare to write your acknowledgment page in MLA style make sure you know where it should be placed, how it should be written, whether to go formal or semi-forma in tone, and if you have permission from the school to include one and the people on your list to mention their names. Remember, this page is optional and it is your choice whether to include one or not.

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