How To Write Your First Research Paper And Leave A Good Impression

For many, research is a nightmare come to haunt them in the form of unfinished surveys and disproved hypotheses. Thus, venturing out to write your first paper, be it on any academic level, is a courageous step. Even more gargantuan is the task of actually making a good impression on your peers and mentors through your work, since the paper contributes significantly to your final grade. Thus, here are some tips:

How to write your first research paper and leave a good impression

  • Choose a topic you are passionate about: The most elementary mistake many students make while writing their first research paper is to choose a topic they think would be better than their peers’ and would impress their teachers. In the end, they lose interest and can only manage to turn in substandard work. Thus, choose a topic that you are interested in and are passionate about. It needs not be revolutionary, but simple and straightforward with a lot of prospects that can be explored by your research.
  • Stay in touch with your guide/mentor: One of the best ways to make a good impression while working on your paper is to establish rapport with your mentor. Make your guide trust you. Talk to him/her about your topics and how you want to explore them. Send them regular updates on your work, and take their opinion into account. The better your interaction, the more inclined your mentor will be to assist you.
  • Pay attention to formatting: Getting the layout wrong on your first try shows carelessness and arrogance. Make careful notes on how and where to leave margins, or the proper way to denote in text citation. Read the regulations and conditions carefully and follow them to the letter. A neat, well-organized paper work half done.
  • Use simple, innovative research methods: You are only starting out with research, so you don’t need to publish complex studies as of yet. Use simple, but innovative and effective methods to conduct your research. Remember, a long, detailed interview will give you much more insight than several short, superficial ones.
  • Give credit where it is due: Never plagiarize on any of your papers: it can result in suspension and put your ethical conduct to question. Put the time into your paper, and construct innovative, original angles rather than blindly copying from someone else. If you have to use external sources, make sure you credit them in the appropriate section.

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