How To Create A Captivating Introduction Of A Research Paper

First impressions set the stage for lasting opinions. The first paragraph of your academic paper should commence with a sentence that captures your reader’s interests. The first sentence of the paragraph leads to three or four other sentences that contain details of the subject you will address in the body. These sentences set the basis for your dissertation statement. The entire paper relies on your thesis statement that is normally the final sentence in the introductory paragraph. Guidelines for writing introduction on research reports as well as (other services) in academic writing is available on the internet

The First Sentence

To get your paper to an excellent start, you should have an engaging first sentence. Think of interesting trivial facts, quotes and anecdotes to capture the reader’s attention

Supporting Sentences

The introductory paragraph’s body should deliver in two areas: it should give an explanation of your first sentence and also build up to the paper’s thesis statement. A simple rule of thumb you need to follow is:

  • First, it should aim at getting your reader’s attention

  • Second, it should give direction on what your paper will achieve. Direction implies that it should serve as a tool for navigation for your readers.

  • Third, it should indicate to the readers how you will approach your thesis or key question

  • Fourth, it should give a background or context to the issue you will cover in your paper

  • Fifth, it should show to the readers the focus that your paper has

  • Sixth, it should bring out your point of view or the side you take on the stated argument

When writing your academic piece, it is important to keep in mind that nothing should come as a surprise to your readers. Remember this is not fictional and hence no suspense or unexpected surprises should jump out at the end of your report. The reader should know what to expect right from the onset. Your entire report should have a clear outline in your paper’s commencing; the body is where the reader finds all the necessary and accurate details.

Finally, the report is only as good as its ending. Once the first draft of your report is complete, you will need to go back and construct the introductory paragraph again. Check your thesis statement to confirm that it is in line with the body of the report.

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