A List Of Great Child Development Research Paper Topics

Child development is a fascinating field with almost countless topics for research papers. If you choose one that interests you or has some personal value for you, writing it will be that much easier. Here is a list of great child development research paper topics to whet your appetite for writing.

Infancy as a critical period during childhood

There is some debate about whether infancy is a critical period during which children are primed to acquire specific essential skills. You can critically evaluate the various viewpoints regarding infancy as a critical period.

Various attachment styles displayed during infancy

During infancy, children display different attachment styles with their primary caregivers, and you can describe and discuss these attachment styles for your research paper.

Theories of language development during infancy and early childhood

There are a few major theories about language development during infancy and early childhood, some of which contradict each other. You can compare and evaluate these theories.

The development of gender identity during early childhood

You can discuss the course of gender identity development during early childhood and any factors that influence it.

Factors that influence peer group formation during middle childhood

There are a number of factors that influence peer group formation during middle childhood for you to discuss in your research paper.

The development of memory during middle childhood

You can write about the course of memory development in middle childhood and any factors that influence it.

A comparison of the influence of different child-rearing styles on development of autonomy during adolescence

Different child rearing styles have different impacts on adolescents’ development of autonomy and you can critically compare the impact of each of these child-rearing styles.

The impact of maturational timing on adolescent psychological adjustment

You can discuss the possible impacts of maturational timing on the psychological well being and adjustment of adolescents.

The role of nature versus nurture in cognitive development from infancy to adolescence

Researchers have differing views about the role of nature and nurture on children’s cognitive development throughout childhood and adolescence. You can compare and evaluate these differing views in your research paper.

The influence of child rearing styles on the development of pro-social behaviour from infancy to adolescence

You can discuss the impact that different child rearing styles have on the development of children’s helping behaviour from infancy to adolescence.

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