General Instructions For Writing A Research Paper On Personality Psychology

Crafting a research paper on personality psychology can easily turn into a fascinating adventure if you decide to write about the issue that makes your heart beat faster. However, you cannot write at random. Your work should meet a range of requirements and it should be well-organized, properly formatted, and interesting to your reader.

Researching, Analyzing, and Drafting

  • Pick an acceptable topic.
  • If you are stuck at the stage of selecting your topic, don’t lose your heart and try the following options:

    • Flip through the lecture notes;

    • Look through your textbook;

    • Read a couple of psychology articles in magazines and newspapers;

    • Pay attention to your personal interests and get inspiration from trying to understand why you like doing these things in particular.
  • Look for previous research in the field.
  • It’s important to know how other scholars approached the question. Therefore, look through corresponding articles in psychology publications, study textbook interpretations, and search for previous academic papers on the topic. Browse the Internet as well. Many sites include helpful information on the problems of personality psychology, and your task is just to pick relevant materials there.

  • Develop your specific question and decide how you’ll answer it.
  • Design your experiment by deciding who’ll be involved therein and what tasks you’ll ask to do.

  • Collect data and analyze your findings.
  • Conduct experiment and interpret your results. Draft a brief report to make the following stages of writing your paper easier.

Writing Stage

  • Compose an abstract.
  • In a limited number of words, make sure to explain your reasons for conducting the experiment, describe your methods, provide your results, and hint at how you are going to interpret them.

  • Craft your introduction.
  • This is where you should explain why you explored this personality psychology issue in particular.

    • Provide some context to introduce the topic in general;

    • Write about previous research in the field;

    • Describe your experiment.
  • Develop the method section.
  • Make sure that you provide enough data to replicate the same experiment, but don’t be too wordy in this chapter.

  • Report your findings in the results section.
  • Provide all statistical information and compare the data if necessary. Arrange all the numbers in tables or figures.

  • Interpret your findings in the discussion section.
  • Analyze if your hypothesis was true and if you managed to answer the question.

  • Cite the sources.
  • Be consistent when citing previous work in the corresponding area of personality psychology and refer to the APA style guide to arrange your references correctly.

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