Writing A Strong Research Paper About Technology In Education

Education is the basis our society is built upon. From the beginning of time until today, humans have considered their elders and their most educated (wise) as those whom they should follow and respect. We have come a long way from our obscure times where only the eldest knew what was going on or only monks and nuns were considered deserving of the right to learn to read and write consequently being the most educated. Yet, our society still worships its most educated individuals.

Although you do not necessarily need to have a college degree to make it in life, it will make it easier for you if you don’t have Steve Jobs’ or Bill Gates’ vision and intellect. Why do I mention these two people? Well, it has to do with the fact that although one has sadly passed away, they are both considered fathers of modern technology.

Technology today has to do with anything and everything that is virtual and related to the Internet, mobile devices, and their inner workings. Now, in the age of technology it is only natural that even education, one of the oldest things in the book will be revolutionized and revamped.

Students today have a smaller attention span for things that exist in the outside world. What children, teenagers, and adults alike want, is to be able to learn using what they like. Cell phones, tablets, computers, smart watches, all these are the textbooks of the future. So how do you present this thesis in a paper will not only be convincing, but also, if you play your cards right, is a tool to be used in this revolution.

Well, firstly, during the research that you will do, look for the uses technology can have in a classroom and outside of it. How can it help students spend less time in school and actively learning, and more time doing what they like, where they like to and learning in the process.

List the pros and cons of introducing technology as a basis for daily education. For example, will the students really learn? What would be the challenges of allowing particularly kids and teens to use technological devices in a classroom? How would using technology maximize the learning process? Think like a teacher, what is your objective for implementing these measures?

After you have done this, look for games and apps that will serve the purpose of aiding people in learning. Outline how this objective would be reached and what your thoughts and feelings are on the matter. Be concrete but consistent; no one will judge you.

BAM! You have written the strongest education plus technology paper ever!

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