7 Interesting Art History Term Paper Ideas For University

Anything to do with history is always an interesting paper to write about. This explains one of the main reasons why so many students tend to favor such topics over time. They are easy to write since your research is not confined to what you have to do. Apart from that, the fact that you can easily research through the internet makes your work a lot easier than if you had to sit through lots of rigorous hours of research trying to understand what happens and why. Art is amazing, and the history behind art is even more enticing. Combining these two elements provides an awesome experience not just for the writer, but also for the reader who is getting the chance to see things in a different perspective; that of the writer.

Herein are some interesting term paper ideas that you can use for your art history paper at the university:

  1. The age of the pyramids and Egyptian art
  2. The modern Greek galleries
  3. Genghis Khan: An artistic legacy in Western Asia
  4. The origin and concept behind African sculpture
  5. Glorifying Byzantium
  6. Discuss the footsteps of Marco Polo to China from Venice
  7. The royal tombs of Ur and the treasures that lie within

All of these are amazing topics that you can start writing about and end up with an amazing paper. However, one thing that you must realize is that even though you are not going to end up doing as much research into the paper as you would have had to do with some of the other analytical papers, you still have to follow some strict guidelines.

A typical paper would have to have an introduction and a very good conclusion. While writing your introduction, be sure to include into the same a good background story of why you have chosen the particular topic, and how the background ties into the theme of the paper. Your paper must have a particular angle to it, one that makes your work easier in terms of explaining your thought process to the reader.

In as much as your teachers have an artistic mind and are pretty much aware of some of the topics that you are writing about, when you are doing this, never take that into assumption. As a matter of fact, be as clear and concise as possible.

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