Scientific Topics For Research Papers – 13 Outstanding Suggestions

Science is such a broad field with an amazing array of fascinating focuses. If you need to choose a topic for a research paper, you may be finding it a bit daunting to choose from such an enormous selection. Perhaps this list of 13 outstanding scientific topics for research papers will help you make up your mind.

  1. Genetically modified crops
  2. Genetically modified crops are plants that have been genetically engineered to enhance certain features, such as pest resistance. Are these crops really safe for human consumption?

  3. Nanotechnology
  4. Nanotechnology involves manipulating matter on the atomic, molecular and supramolecular levels. Can nanotechnology be used to help clean up toxic waste?

  5. Insects as models for robots
  6. Insects are increasingly being used to help build small robots. How can live insects teach us to build tiny robots?

  7. Microbial factories
  8. Microbial factories are just that, factories that use microbes to produce products. Can we produce enough raw materials from microbial factories to make them a viable option?

  9. Private space companies
  10. Private space companies have the potential to change how space resources are developed. How can private space companies do this? Is it a good thing if they do?

  11. Fracking
  12. Fracking is a hugely controversial method used to access natural gas. What are the pros and cons of fracking?

  13. Cancer vaccine
  14. Scientists have been trying to cure cancer for decades, but now there is more focus on creating vaccines for it instead. How likely are we to develop a cancer vaccine? Or do we already have some?

  15. Sunspots
  16. Sunspots are temporary dark spots on the sun that have lower energy levels than the rest of the sun’s surface. How do sunspots affect the earth?

  17. Dark matter
  18. Very little is actually known about dark matter. What is dark matter? What exactly do we know about it?

  19. Comets and asteroids
  20. There has recently been a lot of talk about the potential for a large comet or asteroid to hit the earth. How likely is it that a large comet or asteroid will actually hit the earth? Is there any way to prevent it?

  21. Behavioural epigenetics
  22. Behavioural epigenetics suggest that major events in people’s lives, such as surviving the holocaust, are passed down through DNA. Is behavioural epigenetics is a real phenomenon?

  23. Nanomaterials
  24. Nanomaterials are materials made up of nanoparticles. Can nanomaterials be used to clean up carbon dioxide emissions?

  25. Space exploration
  26. There has been some controversy about the resources spent on space exploration. Is space exploration a good way to spend resources right now?

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