The Secret To Composing An Interesting Research Paper On Smart Pupils

Once you get past all of the mechanics and the format of a research paper, you are left with your own creativity and choices of how the rest of the assignment will go. At this point, one of your main goals is to come up material that is fluent, organized, and able to catch the attention of the reader. This is easy to do when you have free-range on the topic of the paper, you can talk about something you find interesting yourself and try to convey that same excitement or emotional connection to the reader.

However, if you cannot choose your own topic, then things can get a little rough. It is quite possible that you could be stuck with something that you have an opinion on, yet you still have to have interesting material on the foreign subject. For the purpose of explaining what to do in this situation, the example used will be a research paper on the topic of intelligent kids. This is a random topic and it is likely that unless you have some connection to it then it may not even peak your own interest.

  1. Brainstorm
  2. The first step in paper writing is the initial thinking about the topic. The moment you receive your topic, you think of what it means and you may even think of what you could write about the topic. You have an initial reaction to the subject which you will likely carry with you throughout the writing process. So, look at the topic and think about it analytically.

    • Come up with questions you can study on the topic. Such as, things that you would like to know more about the subject.

    • How does the topic make you feel?

    • Do you see any possible arguments?
  3. Do some research
  4. This is especially important if you have little or no knowledge on the subject. Explore the topic and answers to your brainstorming questions.

  5. Make some connections
  6. Find a way to relate the topic back to yourself, your life, or someone that you may know. The point it to link the topic to your world.

  7. Brainstorm again
  8. After finding connections between the topic and your own life, brainstorm again to see if you come up with anything new or answer points to the last brainstorm.

  9. Start drafting
  10. Look for a way to become excited, interested, or passionate about the topic and apply that to your writing.

The bottom line is that the more connected and interested you are in the topic for yourself means you are more likely to produce that energy while writing and you can make the reader feel it too. Passion is key to making interesting work.

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