Composing A Proper Science Fair Research Paper Table Of Contents

A science fair in your high school is a great occasion to show your talents. You and your classmates can work together to create amazing projects that are fun, but educative in the same time. You need to be original if you want to make a nice experiment. Also, you have to be willing to put some effort into it, especially because you will have to create a research paper for your professor. The table of contents can’t miss, but it’s not difficult at all since you already know the topic. Just pay attention to these rules:

  • Make sure your research paper explains your experiment. It needs to follow the same subject, the same ideas and the same evidence. This is why you have to make the experiment or project first; once you are sure that it is perfect, you can go ahead and start writing. Basically, you will explain on paper what is the purpose of your experiment, how did you make it and what is the expected result. You can also mention what research methods you used, and how these helped you.

  • Divide your research paper into chapters if you did not do it already. A table of content is meant to allow the reader to find a specific idea in a short time. This means that you have to write down each chapter and the page number. One very important detail is the titles of the chapters; they need to be relevant to the subject, clear and explicit and without any confusing terms. Do not try to show your knowledge when you create the table of contents; you can do this when you write the research paper.

  • Write a short idea for every chapter. Let’s say that your experiment for the science fair is extremely complex, so your research paper is the same. This means that for a normal reader, the information will be very difficult to understand. To make things more simple, you can write a short idea under the title of each chapter. This will allow the reader to see a preview and to decide if he wants to read the chapter or not.

  • Proofread the table of contents. Many students forget to do this and they compromise their entire project. You can not have any mistake in your research paper.

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