How To Write A Research Paper With A Table Of Contents: Tips From An Expert

A table of contents that provides an exhaustive guide to the researcher at the time of the process of research is considered as essential when working on a research paper. This is best utilized in a paper which can be branched into logical chapters or parts. Likewise, you can formulate sections as you compose or after the time you have finished the piece. In other words, either way is all right. This guide shall help the researcher to be organized when it comes to preparing their task in a systematic approach.

How to compose a research paper that contains table of contents?

A lot of students consider making table of contents manually. This means that they do not use Microsoft Word’s built-in process. This might be burdensome but luckily there is a quick fix to this. Here are some easy steps:

  • Ensure that the required tool bar is showing above the paper. The right tool bar is none other than the formatting tool bar. Consider opening this through clicking View and after that roll your pointer down to Toolbar. You can then choose different toolbars. Choose formatting.

  • For you to formulate a new division or chapter of your piece, all you need to do is to provide a heading to the section. This may be as easy as one term like “Introduction”.

  • To embed a heading, all you have to do is to head to the menu located above the left of your screen. Using the drop down menu, choose HEADING 1. After this, you may type in the heading or title and then hit the button RETURN.

  • Be reminded that you can create this as you compose the paper of after the piece is accomplished. On the other hand, if your piece is already composed, simply place the cursor in the chosen spot and put your heading. Take into consideration that if you prefer each chapter or section to begin a new page, just head to the end of the section or chapter and then head to Insert and choose Break and Page Break.

  • At the time your paper is branched into sections, then, this means that your table of contents is ready so you’re almost done. Create a blank page at the start of your paper. Do this by means of heading to the very start and choosing Insert and choose Break and Page Break.

  • Then, from the tool bar, head to Insert, and from the drop down lists choose Reverence and Index and Tables. A new window shall pop up. Then, you just need to choose the Table of Contents tab and click Okay. You are finished!

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