How To Organize The Results Section In A Research Paper: 5 Useful Tips

The results section in a research paper contains information about what you found and observed during your research. Here are some tips that you may find useful and that can make your life easier when you write this section in your paper.

  1. Don't cram the results section with inappropriate information.
  2. Tell only the exact results of your research and nothing more. Be objective. Don't include any interpretations or evaluations here. These pieces of information are components of the discussion section. Your aim should be to create a link between the results section and the discussion section.

  3. Narrate adherently and clearly.
  4. Organize the layout of the results in the same order you presented your hypotheses and research questions in the introduction section of your project. It will become easier to follow your stream of thoughts. If you confuse the readers, they won't be able to understand properly what conclusion you came to and everything will be in vain.

  5. Use graphs, figures, and tables.
  6. If you have a large amount of data that is difficult to present in a narrative form, why not summarize this information in graphs, figures, and tables? They will improve the readability of your project and save your time. Besides, they will be helpful for readers to visualize the essential results and ease the perceiving of the given facts.

  7. Bind each result with hypothesis and question you describe in your research.
  8. Write a couple of sentences after each test as a conclusion to saying about the link between the result and your hypothesis or question. It's very important to state whether all your hypotheses are supported by the statistical results or not.

  9. Don't be afraid to highlight negative results.
  10. Negative results and your ability to deal with them often give you much food for thought and provide you with ideas regarding what to describe in the discussion section. If you think that they may spoil your whole research, you are mistaken. The situation is vice versa. Without negative results your project will lack plausibility and you may lose your reputation as your research will seem suspicious and there may be nobody to trust you.

These pieces of advice can help you organize the results section in your research paper in a proper way. You will be able to present your project clearly and comprehensibly leaving unneeded details aside and mentioning only the most important things.

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