The 25 Most Interesting Research Paper Ideas For High School Students

If you are in high school and you are struggling to come up with brilliant ideas for your high school research paper, you can look closer to this site and be able to get some good points that will assist you accordingly. The following are some good ideas that you can present for your work:

  1. Discuss a local political scandal that rocked your community

  2. Provide an elaborate discussion on local high school dramas

  3. Discuss some of the struggles and triumphs of small businesses within your community

  4. Explain how issues affecting the local government always trickle down to the common man

  5. Discuss why and how rivalries between public schools are healthy

  6. Discuss the nature of the environment around you, highlighting the challenges

  7. So many canned foods contain the component BPA. Discuss the harmful effects of this ingredient

  8. Sport hunting is an idea that should be banished. Discuss

  9. There are so many countries that are working on the concept of sustainable cities. Provide relevant examples and discuss the efficiency of such plans

  10. Plastic bags have no place in our society. Critically examine this statement

  11. Governments should ban mountaintop removal mining. Discuss

  12. Explain some of the issues that currently affect high school dropouts

  13. Discuss the challenges that face kids who are born into poverty, but eventually work their way out of it

  14. Youths have medical rights which are constantly infringed on in schools. Discuss, citing relevant examples

  15. So many parents unknowingly overmedicate their kids. Discuss.

  16. Explain the challenges facing free college education as a program

  17. Law enforcement officers need better protection from rioters. Discuss

  18. Explain how the justice system can benefit from the advancements in technology

  19. Discuss the need for police officers to wear body cameras

  20. Do you believe the country is fair in the punishments that are meted out to juveniles?

  21. Discuss the rise in incarceration rates within the US

  22. Invasion of privacy happens on so many levels. Discuss how the government infringes on your privacy through license plate readers

  23. Discuss the main reasons why business are currently taking to social media like never before

  24. Discuss the need for stronger laws to deal with doping in the world of sports

  25. Explain the reasons why advertising in schools is unethical

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