20 Off-The-Beaten-Path Research Paper Writing Ideas For High School

Research papers are large papers in which you are asked to read a lot of information on a topic, develop a research question, and then answer using cited information to prove your point. It is usually larger than an essay. You will likely have to write around five to ten pages and cite more than three sources. You need to make sure that you choose an effective topic to write your paper on and that will help you write a better paper. Here are some ideas to help you get started. These are the research questions that you can build your paper from. You would read everything that you can find to answer the research question and then make a statement to answer the question.

You should focus on trying to have at least three reasons that support your answer to make sure that you have a basic paper. However, if you have a larger paper to write, it may be easier to use more than three reasons to support your paper.

  • Has anyone escaped Alcatraz?

  • What does your body do when you are sleeping?

  • How did railways change America?

  • How did people determine if you were a witch in Salem?

  • What are the best ways to stop a bug bite from hurting?

  • Why are people allergic to peanuts?

  • Is educational television good for kids?

  • Why did the stock market crash in 2008?

  • How does alcohol affect the body?

  • Who invented the bicycle and how has it evolved?

  • What new species have been found in the last decade?

  • Do mermaids really exist?

  • How did gunfire change the outcome of wars?

  • Why hasn’t Wal-Mart been successful in other cultures?

  • Have digital downloads hurt or helped the music industry?

  • How has women’s suffrage movement changed America?

  • Should people vaccinate their children?

  • How do black holes form?

  • Are hybrid cars safer on the ozone?

  • What are the chances of someone winning an advantage at a casino?

After you pick your topic, you should start to conduct some preliminary research to start to develop an idea of what you will write your paper on. You will want to answer the research question and then explain why you believe the answer. Make sure that when you are taking notes, to keep track of where you found the information so that you can give the source proper credit.

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