Creating A Brilliant Research Paper From Scratch: 20 Fresh Ideas

Writing research paper from scratch can be an interesting project with the right topic. In many cases, students need something to spark their interest to write something unique. There are various ideas all around you. When it comes to research paper ideas think about something you want to learn more about. The following details offer insight on how to develop raw ideas along with sample ideas to encourage your own.

Tips and Ideas for Great Writing Prompts

Writing a brilliant paper means you should consider ideas others may have overlooked. Your paper should be about something you have an interest about or something you have unique insight worth writing about. You can use academic databases online and homework help sites to help you find topic ideas for research paper writing. You can brainstorm ideas based on what you have learned so far. To help you get started developing raw ideas of your own here are 20 writing prompts to consider.

  1. Racial discrimination. How has this affected job growth in certain industries?

  2. Sexting. A research paper can be on why do teenagers engage in this activity?

  3. Child predators. What are ways predators entice children parents may not know about?

  4. College admissions. Common reasons why students get rejected.

  5. Healthcare. A research paper can explore whether it should be free for all.

  6. Prostitution. Reasons why guys pay for sex.

  7. Poverty. Who is affected more: adults or children?

  8. Immigration. Has an improvement been made to remedy related problems?

  9. Child care. Is more being done to ensure children get proper care?

  10. Gun control. Why people think they need to keep a gun in their home.

  11. Drugs. A research paper may explore most common drugs used by teens.

  12. Copyright. How does an author know when their work is stolen?

  13. Gang violence. Reasons why people join gangs and most common offenses committed.

  14. Religion. Does having a religious belief encourage people to live longer?

  15. Cloning. How has this helped/hurt health developments?

  16. Computer crimes. How are government computer systems under constant attack?

  17. Pornography. A research paper can detail why it should be banned.

  18. Terrorism. Why is ISIS (Islamic State) so difficult to defeat?

  19. Taxation. Are people paying too much in taxes?

  20. Women. Most important achievements or contributions by women in society.

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